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LocalMaps 2.3 was released in November 2019. It includes the following features and enhancements:

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  • Report button to generate reports within viewer pop-ups (NEW)

  • Display current map scale

  • Display current map name in browser tab



  • Conditional Reporting (NEW)

  • Generate reports as a Word document OR as PDF

  • Generate reports based on a buffered area

  • Include Inline maps

  • Include XY’s in report

  • Rich text editor for text elements e.g insert images (NEW)

  • Table element editor to provide more flexibility of table appearance. (NEW)

  • The Report fonts is no longer a section under Reporting. This process has been streamlined as is now incorporated into the report table builder.

  • Include conditional text elements (NEW)

  • For Map elements, admins can optionally include a Title Field. This allows you to choose a field from the report layer to use as the title of the map.

  • When uploading a report template, if it already exists in LocalMaps and you just want to overwrite the older version, you now can.

  • Added in a Back button in the report building page to allow admins to return to the main reporting page.


Reports built in an older version of LocalMaps can be viewed, edited and generated in Version 2.3. However, new reporting features cannot be added to these older reports. If you would like to make use of the latest functionality in 2.3 (including conditional text, export to word etc) you will need to rebuild your report in the new framework.

Maps & Apps

  • Enable searches to use checkboxes

  • Allow users to hover on search suggestions returned to zoom to a location

  • Click Set Default now allows admins to define what map will open on default when they first log into the Maps & Apps.

  • Configure Layer List options e.g for each map admins can define what details to show, actions to allow and what layers will be displayed.


  • UI enhancements to the Admin Menu

  • After logging into the gallery, the default page loaded up is now “All LocalMaps” rather than “My Favourite Maps”

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where Feature Map was not appearing in Maps & Apps upon uploading.

  • Fixed issue where all services were appearing under the Searches tab in the "In use" dialogue box.

  • Fixed issue where duplicate widgets would appear in the Maps & Apps page.

  • Fixed issue where if you clicked into the RAMM section in the admin page, you would be taken out to the Gallery page.

  • Fixed issue where image link was broken in Feature Image box.

  • Report map element will respect what layers have been selected in the report builder.