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LocalMaps Feature Queries allow you to view additional information about a feature that doesn’t exist on the layer itself. Data in a feature query could be spatial (i.e.coming from an ArcGIS Server Service) or non spatial (e.g. reading directly from a table or stored procedure in your SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres or Oracle database). 

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An example

The map below shows a parcel layer that has a number of feature queries associated with it. The first layer displayed in the popup panel is the core layer itself i.e.Parcel. Listed beneath this are a number of feature queries. The first feature query, Valuation information, is surfacing data directly from a MySQL Database table, the second is surfacing Well information from a SQL Stored Procedure and the third is displaying Current Resource Consents from a spatial query against an ArcGIS Server Service. 

If a Feature Query pulls back multiple records associated with that feature (in this case the parcel), the user can then scroll through and view each by clicking the arrows to the right of the query title. In the case of Spatial queries, the geometry will also be drawn on the map e.g. yellow point in the image below. As the user scrolls though the spatial feature query records, the point location will update to the resource consent being viewed. Feature query sections are all expanded by default but can be collapsed by clicking the arrow to the left of the query title.