Functionality Matrix

LocalMaps gives you the power to create purposeful information products that are easily accessible to your entire organisation. Offering flexible deployment options, the ability to surface information directly from your other non spatial databases (SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostGres), LocalMaps fits all your internal and/or public facing Web GIS needs.

The below sections outline the key functionality that LocalMaps provides. Functionality breakdown is available for Version 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.

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Sub Features





Gallery View

Gallery View


Categorise maps


Map searching on titles/tags


View map and layer metadata


Login with Social Login (Facebook, Google)


Login with ArcGIS Named user


Login Using IWA


Login using SAML


Access secure group content (ArcGIS Users)



Access favourited maps


Access saved maps







 Map Viewer

ESRI Web App Builder Map Viewer


Type ahead searches


Allow query parameters in URL, e.g. property_id


View attachments in popup e.g images



Moveable popups














Admin portal


ArcGIS Online/Portal Authentication


Configure Public ArcGIS Server Datasources


Configure Secure ArcGIS Server Datasources



Configure Secure ArcGIS Enterprise Datasources



Configure Public ArcGIS Online Datasources (hosted feature services)


Configure Secure ArcGIS Online Datasources (hosted feature services)



Configure SQL Server database Datasources


Configure MySQL database Datasources



Configure PostGres database Datasources



Configure Oracle database Datasources



Configure Hilltop Server IoT Datasources


Configure SOS (Sensor Observation Service) IoT Datasources









Configure about text


Set up and order categories (utilises AGOL Tags)


Configure Links and Text


Update Style/Theme/Logos


Define viewer logo height









 Maps & Apps

Configure widgets per map


Set feature map images


Use maps in ArcGIS Enterprise Sites



Order appearance of widgets in the map


Configure Print Templates per map


Configure Print Formats per map


Configure type ahead searches


Configure hover on search





Configure search checkboxes





Assign Multi map / table reports per map


Assign feature queries to layers


Assign widgets to open on map launch


Enable Advanced Select per map



Order appearance of feature queries in popup




Assign Add Data Groups per map




Enable Splash Screen per map









Query Parameters

Configure Query parameters







Feature Queries

Configure Database feature queries


Configure Spatial feature queries


Configure Layer queries (i.e to hosted feature layers and tables)





Build smart hyperlinks for feature queries










Register a RAMM Service




Configure RAMM Hosted Feature Layer




Define Sync Interval









IoT Layers (Hilltop in 1.1, 2.0)

Create IoT Layers from hilltop sites (creates an ArcGIS Hosted feature layer)


Create IoT Layers from SOS sites (creates an ArcGIS Hosted feature layer)



Add sites to IoT Layers


Create or import limits for site symbology








Upload and configure reporting templates


Configure report fonts




Configure report queries


Add multiple maps, tables and text elements to a report template


Format reports tables and text





Support for vector basemaps




Create conditional text elements





Create conditional reports





Include XY’s in a report





Generate reports as Word document





Generate reports as a PDF document



Generate reports based on a buffered area











Configure social logins for LocalMaps (Facebook, Google)








Configure search sources (Query / Locator)


Show results in popup


Set default searches


Enable search suggestions


Define number of search suggestions




Enable exact match


Search against multiple fields within a layer or database




Configure a custom popup










Map views


Widget Loads per map


Map details


User usage








Load defaults services (Print Task / Geometry service)


Set LocalMaps Group


Set LocalMaps Report Maps Group


Set ArcGIS Geometry Service


Set Default Map Sort



Set Address Layer (for Mail List Widget)



Set Basemap Group


Set Add Data Group




Enable Popup Side panel



Enable Splash Screen


Set Splash screen confirmation text



Set Print Task


Set Print Layout




Select item types to be displayed in the Gallery









Error Logs

View Error logs



Sub Features






Set about text for a map







Basemap Gallery

 Access to free NZ Basemaps








Add Point


Add Text


Add Circle


Add Line


Add Polyline


Add freehand polyline


Add Rectangle


Add Triangle


Add Ellipses


Add Polygon


Add freehand polygon


Buffer a drawing




Show co-ordinates (NZTM, NZMG, WGS84)


Change Text colour and font


Edit drawing


Move drawing


Rotate / Scale drawing


Show total line measurement (distance)


Show line segment lengths


Show line bearing


Set fixed line length


Set distance units


Show polygon measurement (Area, perimeter)


Show polygon segment lengths


Set area units


Export drawing (GeoJSON)



Export drawing (GPX)





Export drawing (KMZ)











Drawn Line to generate profile


Use Line feature to generate profile









Generate Report


Add Marker


View in Attribute table


Pan to feature


View Related records


View feature queries


View attachments e.g Images

















Control Visibility


Control Transparency


Filter layer List




View Layer metadata







Add Data

Add data from ArcGIS Online Group


Add data from URL


Add data from File (GPX, Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML and CSV)








Print to PDF, Image etc.


Preserve Map Scale/Extent option


Include legend


Define legend items to include










Save Extent


Save Graphics


Save layer visibility


Share saved map


Update saved map


Make saved map private


Make saved map public








Type-ahead search


Search on hover





Tick searches on or off











Select by Attribute


Select by Feature


Select by Polygon


Select by Circle


Select by Line


Select by Rectangle


Zoom to selection


Pan to selection


Export to CSV


Export to feature collection


Export to GeoJSON


Export to Shapefile




Export to GPX




Add marker


Generate report from selection


View in attribute table


Buffer selection


Clear Selection


Summary statistics


Create layer from selection


Add to selection








URL Link










Embed app in website


Share with current map extent


Share with defined zoom level


Share with defined scale


Share map and zoom to feature


Share map with marker








Use bookmarks from an ArcGIS Webmap


Add bookmark to current view







Switch Web Map

Change to another map


Filter maps







Zoom to Point





WGS84 Decimal Degrees


WGS84 Degrees Minutes Seconds


Convert co-ordinates


Copy co-ordinates to clipboard








Mail list

Create mailing list based on selection



Download as PDF or CSV









Run Geocortex Workflows in LocalMaps