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IoT Sources

LocalMaps IoT Sources allow you to connect directly to a variety of Sensor API's for monitoring environmental data. LocalMaps supports Sensor Observation Services (SOS) that can return WaterML2 and also services from Hilltop Server.

Sensor Observation Service (SOS) is a web service to query real-time sensor data. This type of service returns WaterML2, an OGC exchange standard which can be used to exchange many kinds of hydro-meteorological observations and measurements. Hilltop software is similar and is used in New Zealand by regional councils, electricity companies and consulting engineers for storing and analyzing environmental data.

In this section, you can define the IoT sources you want to use to generate an IoT Layer. Once generated, this layer resides as a hosted feature layer in your ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. What's more, you are not restricted to one type of service - an IoT layer can include sites or collections from both SOS and Hilltop and can be set to periodically return the latest measurements in near real time.

In this section:


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Adding an IoT Source

  1. To add a new service, go to IoT Sources and click Add Server.

  2. Enter the name and URL of the Server you wish to add.

  3. Select the region of interest from the drop-down. You can then test if the server is valid by hitting the Test button. If the service is valid, a green tick will appear. If invalid, a red cross will appear and prevent the administrator from saving the service until corrected.

4. Once saved, it will be added to the hilltop datasource table. This will show the Name, URL, Agency, Type, Version and whether the service is is use in an IoT Layer.

Deleting an IoT Source

To remove an IoT source, click delete on the appropriate row. After confirming yes in the confirmation window, the source will be deleted from the table.