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Query Parameters

Query parameters allow you to link to the map from other applications. This works by appending a query string to the map URL that when clicked, will zoom the user to a specific feature on the map. For example, internal staff at a council may want to search for a property in an internal rating system and then (from that same interface) open a link that takes them directly to that Property in LocalMaps. 

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Adding a query parameter

1. Click New. Enter details on the following to build your parameter:

  • Parameter Name: a name to identify the parameter. This is what appears in the main table.

  • Parameter: the string that is appended to the URL eg “ValID” could be used if you were going to use Valuation ID as your parameter.

  • Zoom Scale: the extent to which the map zooms when the URL is opened.

  • Feature Service: the layer from which features are searched on. Ensure this is entered as a Datasource in LocalMaps.

  • Search Field: the field that the value passed in will be searched on e.g valuation_id.

2. Click Save. The new Query Parameter will be added to the table.

Editing / deleting a query parameter.

To edit an existing parameter, click Edit on the relevant item in the Parameters list. Make any necessary changes in the Edit Query Parameter window and then click save. To delete a query parameter, click Delete. This will remove the query parameter from the table.