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This documentation is to highlight the quality fixes, minor updates and bug fixes collated into our 2.3.2 patch. This also includes any new features or points to take note of.


Table of Contents



👁‍🗨 Gallery

  • Issue when clicking the ‘more information’ button on a map card took you to the metadata page but when users navigate back to the gallery it was blank (Support case: 02694278)

  • Issues with Gallery timing out after around 20-30mins. Note: Timeout is related to the portal timeout set for ArcGIS Enterprise (Support case: 02717792)

  • Social logins are not enabled but show when the browser is resized below a certain size

  • Login button is not usable when browser is minimized to a certain scale

  • Category query parameter doesn't work when logged out

  • Users can log out of gallery but if they click title they are still logged in

  • Logging in to the Gallery via Facebook results in the Gallery continuously loading

  • Issue where no maps were listed on browser back navigation from map details page

  • Category URL parameters would not apply when a user was logged in

  • When accessing LocalMaps using custom ArcGIS Online roles, the admin button and the admin privileges are visible (Support case: 02888982)

  • New - Experience Builder and StoryMaps apps are now supported item types


  • New - Support for Secure Print Services

  • LocalMaps now preserves layout options when changing print service

  • The LocalMaps Viewer has been upgraded to the new version of Web AppBuilder (2.22) to allow users to be on the latest version for the last 2.x version of LocalMaps. This also will bring across any bug fixes from Esri for users.

  • LocalMaps has been upgraded to use Angular 1.8

  • Database cleanup functions are run through a windows service to reduce DB load and likelihood of timeouts/deadlocks

  • The build number in the admin > settings tab now includes the build date and number

  • Issue: Attachments not loading from a hosted feature service has been fixed**

  • Updated Javascript library (moment.js). Moment.js is used to handle any date-time related data. This has been updated to ensure LM benefits from the latest security patches and fixes.**

  • Improved exception handlingMade improvements to error handling/logging when ArcGIS refresh token expires.**

  • Improved application security**

*Items that were made available in 2.3.2 after 29/04/2022