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2.3.2 Patch Release Notes

This documentation is to highlight the quality fixes, minor updates and bug fixes collated into our 2.3.2 patch. This also includes any new features or points to take note of.

To get the LocalMaps 2.3.2 patch contact your account manager or email Eagle LocalMaps Support.

Items are broken down into four categories:


👁‍🗨 Gallery

  • Issue when clicking the ‘more information’ button on a map card took you to the metadata page but when users navigate back to the gallery it was blank (Support case: 02694278)

  • Issues with Gallery timing out after around 20-30mins. Note: Timeout is related to the portal timeout set for ArcGIS Enterprise (Support case: 02717792)

  • Social logins are not enabled but show when the browser is resized below a certain size

  • Login button is not usable when browser is minimized to a certain scale

  • Category query parameter doesn't work when logged out

  • Users can log out of gallery but if they click title they are still logged in

  • Logging in to the Gallery via Facebook results in the Gallery continuously loading

  • Issue where no maps were listed on browser back navigation from map details page

  • Category URL parameters would not apply when a user was logged in

  • When accessing LocalMaps using custom ArcGIS Online roles, the admin button and the admin privileges are visible (Support case: 02888982)

  • New - Experience Builder and StoryMaps apps are now supported item types

💻 Viewer


  • Extent not maintained for maps with vector tile basemap


  • Using the NZ Vector Topo basemap (as default) prevents ArcGIS Online datasources being added

  • Imagery basemap loading issue has been fixed**

Draw / Measure

  • Polyline tool – issues with enabling multiple measurement options

  • Not all segment measurements are labelled when using the polygon drawing tool

  • Drawings not listed in Draw widget after loading saved map

  • When editing a polygon with a buffer, the buffer becomes its own graphic that becomes editable instead and the polygon is unselectable *

  • When there are both text and polygon/line features are in the map and a polygon/line feature is scaled/rotated, the text feature has the coordinates added as a annotation *

  • When drawing a polygon with segment lengths turned on the final length is not calculated *


  • Elevation profile does not draw if using the standard Esri Utility Service


  • Issues saving map when logged in with Social Login

  • Delete button doesn't work as expected

  • When creating a graphic using the draw / measure then loading up a saved map, the draw / measure opens by default *


  • If a search returns multiple suggestions, when a user tries to click on the scrollbar to look at more results, the search bar disappears

  • Search on hover not zooming to result the cursor is placed on


  • Cannot export KML for layers with multipolygon geometry type (multiple features)

  • KMZ export  fails with a large number of features

  • Issue: Feature count not visible when layers have long names has been fixed**

  • Issue: Close (x) button in the Select by attribute has been fixed**

Attribute table

  • Attribute Table Filter by expression/set not working (Support case: 02750509)

Switch Map

  • Switch Map widget fails when logging into a bookmarked map (Support case: 02732929)


  • Custom arcade expression in pop-up breaks zoom to search (Support case: 02849800)

  • Feature Queries not displaying in pop-ups for New Features in SQL Database


  • Issue: Unable to create/see bookmarks has been fixed**

🔨 Admin


  • Gallery Fonts Family not applying


  • New - Can now handle special characters in field values

  • First toggle of "Enabled" in IOT does not save

  • Hilltop layers failing to Sync due to incorrect token generation

Maps & Apps

  • Cannot remove feature map when there are no tags other than the FeatureMap tag

  • LocalMaps administration allowed uploading unsupported feature image types

  • Layer List widget Configuration - ticking the layers to display in the map and the widget is not honouring those selections.


  • Custom geocoders not working as expected (Support case: 02911652) 

Feature Queries 

  • Integer fields not displayed to appropriate decimal places (when they are set that way in the admin) 

  • Integer fields not maintaining comma separation (when set in the admin) 

  • When creating a feature query LocalMaps is displaying layers that no longer exist 

  • Selecting one field for the layer query to return returns all fields from the table 

  • When editing fields to display in the layer query, the one field that was ticked is unticked 

  • When building Database Queries and trying to select fields to include, users have to tick and the untick fields to have them added to the select statement

  • Removing groupby/orderby from query doesn't remove the from final clause

  • Attachments not showing from Standalone server is fixed now**

  • Feature query results not showing aliases is fixed now **


  • RAMM Geometry Edits are not reflected in Feature Layer

  • Geometry hashes are not correctly committed to the database resulting in “SyncField Table Entry Missing” errors

  • Allow requesting RAMM key without needing email client


  • Cannot edit a layer query and have changes maintained

  • Using the Esri Utility Service causes LocalMaps reports to fail

  • When creating a report with a table based on a spatial buffer, the report output is blank – note this was related to an issue with using the Esri Utility service issue not the LocalMaps reporting

  • When editing the Header Format and Values Format in the Table, all column widths change to 40% even if you set it up with custom widths (Support case: 02858244)

  • New - Improvements have been made to the reporting parallel processing reliability and performance

  • The Field Name used in defining the query for Conditional Text is empty 

  • Clicking on Edit in a Conditional Text to review the query and the fields to use in conditions are unselected 

  • Report Map Legends’s sometimes duplicating  


  • Sometimes in LocalMaps connected to ArcGIS Enterprise, the load default button produces errors when clicked.

  • Admin panel is locked out and not visible to any users with any links**

  • Standard error message (404) will be shown on any unauthorised requests **

  • No file paths will be visible to any user**

  • Basemap imagery band showing up in legend when disabled is fixed now**

➕ Bonus

  • New - Support for Secure Print Services

  • LocalMaps now preserves layout options when changing print service

  • The LocalMaps Viewer has been upgraded to the new version of Web AppBuilder (2.22) to allow users to be on the latest version for the last 2.x version of LocalMaps. This also will bring across any bug fixes from Esri for users.

  • LocalMaps has been upgraded to use Angular 1.8

  • Database cleanup functions are run through a windows service to reduce DB load and likelihood of timeouts/deadlocks

  • The build number in the admin > settings tab now includes the build date and number

  • Issue: Attachments not loading from a hosted feature service has been fixed**

  • Updated Javascript library (moment.js). Moment.js is used to handle any date-time related data. This has been updated to ensure LM benefits from the latest security patches and fixes.**

  • Improved exception handlingMade improvements to error handling/logging when ArcGIS refresh token expires.**

  • Improved application security**


*Items that were made available in 2.3.2 after 29/04/2022

**Items that are fixed in v2.3.2 after 03/2023