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In this section, the administrator can configure both left and right links to feature in the footer of the Gallery page.


Email LocalMaps Support to ask a question or request assistance.

Click Add in either the Left or Right Footer Links sections, and a new link section will then be added to the corresponding list. Within this section, enter the Link Label and Link URL. Links must include the HTTPS/HTTP protocol.

This will save automatically and present a green confirmation window in the lower right corner. This will then add a link to the footer list and subsequently, to the Gallery Page.

To edit a link, click on an existing link label or URL text box and make your edits. This will be saved automatically and a green confirmation window will appear in the lower right corner indicating Data updated. To delete a link, click Delete beside the link URL. Click Yes in the delete window to confirm. The link would be removed from the Link table.

The administrator can reorder links by dragging and dropping each link entry. This can be done by clicking on the drag icon to the left of each link label. The link can then be placed in another position in the list.