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LocalMaps supports all Esri Standard Authentication methods. To leverage these methods, we assume they will have been set up by your organisation prior to LocalMaps installation. See below on details for each.

Built-in User

Built-in Users are applicable for LocalMaps set up with Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online. No steps are necessary to configure anything further in LocalMaps when using these; ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS is ready for built-in users and groups immediately after installing the software. If you are using enterprise users, see the following sections and related links for more information.


LocalMaps supports SAML-compliant identity providers that have been set up with Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online - depending on the system your site is set up against. Although this will most likely be already configured prior to a LocalMaps implementation, if you would like to, you can see more information on Configuring a SAML-compliant identity provider (for portal users) or Set up Enterprise Logins (SAML) (for ArcGIS Online users).

Wed-Tier Authentication

For LocalMaps sites set up against Portal for ArcGIS and are using Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), this can also be used for LocalMaps. When you use IWA, logins are managed through Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Users do not sign in and out of LocalMaps; instead, when they open the gallery, they are signed in using the same accounts they used to log in to Windows. For IWA to feed through into LocalMaps, an additional setting needs to be enabled at installation. If you wish to use this, please contact your Technical Advisor or LocalMaps Contact / Account manager at Eagle.

Email LocalMaps Support to ask a question or request assistance.