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General Settings

By default, the main Settings page is set to the General settings. See below for information on each setting and what it controls.

1. Portal URL

The Portal or ArcGIS Online organisation LocalMaps is registered in.

2. Install status

Install status: Complete (read-only)

3. LocalMaps Group

The ArcGIS Online or Portal Group that contains the content in the LocalMaps Gallery. To change to another group, simply select from the drop-down. 

4. LocalMaps Report Group

This group contains maps that are used for reports only. These will not appear in the Gallery. This is useful if you have maps that contain important information for reporting on but you may not necessarily want to make available for users.

5. Geometry Service URL 

The geometry service LocalMaps uses.

6. Version

Version of LocalMaps (read-only)

7. Viewer File Location

Where LocalMaps sits on the web server (read-only)

8. Viewer URL

The URL or the LocalMaps viewer (read-only)

Administrators also have the option to Load Default Settings. This loads in the Print and Geometry services if they have been set up in your ArcGIS Online or Portal Organisation. For ArcGIS Online users, this will load in the default services found under the Organization tab > Edit Settings > Utility Services. If you are using Portal for ArcGIS, loading defaults will pull in both the Print Service and Geometry Service if they have been set up for your Organisation.

Email LocalMaps Support to ask a question or request assistance.