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Widget Settings

This section provides some additional configuration options for various widgets in LocalMaps. See below for detail on each setting and what it controls.

1.Default Map Sort

The order in which items appear in the gallery. Users also have the option to manually change this by changing the Sort order themselves. 

2. Address Layer

This defines what layer is to be used with the Mailing List widget. The layer that is being used cannot be part of a map service. To use an address layer for labels, it needs to have an ID associated with it. If adding a layer from a map service, then a specific layer needs to be added to the map.

3. Basemap Group

This group contains the basemaps for the Basemap Gallery widget. When LocalMaps is installed, this group will default to the default basemap setting in your ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Organisation. If you have a different group of basemaps in your organisation you would like to use, select the group from the drop-down. Basemaps within this group must all use the same projection. 

4. Add Data Group

This is the group that contains content for the Add Data widget. This group can contain both public and secure layers. Only when a user logs into LocalMaps will they be able to see the secure layers. 

5. Enable Popup Side Panel

This will change the standard popup to be a side panel of the right side of the viewer.

Note: the below Splash Screen Options (numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9) are conditional i.e. the next option will only present if the previous option was answered “Yes”.

6. Enable Splash Screen

This defines whether the Splash widget is enabled for the LocalMaps Viewer. The text that appears in the Splash Screen comes from the map's Terms of Use in the Item Page.. See Esri Item Details help for more information. 

7. Use Default Text ('Do not show this Splash Screen again') - In Version 2.3.1 Only

You can opt to use the default text used by with splash Screen Widget. If you choose “No”, you will have further options to set your own custom text and define if users need to explicitly accept that before the splash screen closes.

8. Splash checkbox text

If the above has been enabled, you may wish to define some custom text to show beside the checkbox that users are agreeing. This is not mandatory for users to accept, they can choose the just close the disclaimer.

Note: this is called “Custom Splash checkbox Text” in Version 2.3.1

9. Require Confirmation before User Proceeds - In Version 2.3.1 Only.

Setting this to “Yes” makes ticking the check box above mandatory for users to accept. Without doing so, they cannot close the splash screen. This is good to use if you need users to confirm they have read and agree to your terms of use.

10. Print Default Title

Set the Default Title that will be available when opening the Print Widget in LocalMaps. This can be manually changed by the user in the widget interface if needed.

11. Print Task URL

The Print service LocalMaps uses. This is used to print and preview maps in the print widget. It is also used when configuring map elements in LocalMaps Reports.

12. Print Layout URL

This is required in order to utilize the LocalMaps Print Preview Window. If your organisation has ArcGIS Enterprise Installed, you can generate your own Get Layout Templates Info Task. Alternatively, the Esri task can be used. 


Optional - Google Analytics Tracking

The option to enter a Google Tracking code for the Viewer or Gallery was removed from the Admin UI at Version 2.1. However, if you do require this you can complete the following steps. 

1. Generate a tracking code from here.

2. For Viewer tracking, add the code to the index.html in the viewer folder on the web server.

3. For Gallery tracking, update the file under Views\Shared_Layout.cshtml

Email LocalMaps Support to ask a question or request assistance.