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Report Templates

Before a report can be created in LocalMaps, a report template must be chosen or uploaded. A report template is simply a word document that acts as the first page of your report. For example, your organisation may want to include a logo and some disclaimer text at the start, footer or header of a report.


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Email LocalMaps Support to ask a question or request assistance.

Manage Templates

To add a new template or to download, overwrite or delete an existing one from LocalMaps, navigate to the Reporting Tab and click Manage Templates.

Add a template

  1. Click Add Template. Select a file to add as a template. This is authored in Microsoft Word. This could have your organisations banner, logo and disclaimer in the page header or it could be left blank. You could also include placeholders with specific syntax ($feildname$) in that the LocalMaps reporting engine understands. Feilds used can only be coming from the Report Layer being used.

If you wish to use your template for all pages of your report, all elements MUST be in the header or footer of the document. If you only wish to use a template with specific syntax from your report layer, then you may have that in the body of the document (just know that specific information will then appear in the body of every page and could be overlapped with other elements you build in LocalMaps).

  1. Navigate to the file location of your Report Template. Select and upload. The template name will then appear in the list of templates.

Download a template

If you would like to download an existing template click Download and navigate to your chosen file location.

Overwrite a template

If you would like to overwrite an existing template, click Add Template. If your report has the same name as an existing report, the existing report will be overwritten with the latest version. 

Delete a template

To delete a template, click the corresponding Delete button. This will remove the template from the list and it will no longer be an option to select from the Report Templates drop down menu when adding a report.


If you would like to access an example template to build on, just contact our LocalMaps Support line and we can send one through to you!